Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2017 opening ceremony

68. Dubrovnik Summer Festival officially opened

68th Dubrovnik Summer Festival were officially opened in front of St. Vlaha by raising the Libertas flag with verses hymns to freedom last night, July 10, in front of high-level guests and numerous audiences from home and abroad.

The ceremony program was conducted according to the script by Mladen Tarbuk and Ivan Lovrić Jović, directed by Ivan Miladin and Igor Barberić. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, the Zagreb Philharmonic, the Ivan Goran Kovačić Academic Choir, the Dubrovnik Chamber Choir and the Mixed Choir Libertas, as well as the Folklore Ensemble Linđo, the Kolarin Theater Company, the Lazareti Dance Studio, the Stjepan Radić Kindergarten and the Žonglerata Association, were present. The festival drama ensemble consisted of Boris Svrtan as prince and Zijad Gracic as Negromant, then Ozren Grabarić, Maro Martinovic, Nikola Bace, Branimir Vidić, Nika Burdelez, Gloria Dubelj, Hrvoje Sebastian, Edi Jertec, Bojan Beribak and Izmir Brautović. The end of the opening ceremony was marked by traditional fireworks.

Over the next 46 days, at around 15 ambient locations, nearly 2,000 artists from across the globe will present to the international audience of 60,000 domestic and foreign visitors about 80 drama, music, ballet, folklore and other programs, and Carmina Burana Performed by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra and the Academy of Music Ivan Goran Kovačić under Ivana Josip Skender’s solo with Nicola Proksch, Owen Willet and Nikola Mijailović.