Advent in Zagreb officially opened

Advent in Zagreb was officially opened on Saturday by Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić who together lit the first advent candle on Ban Jelačić Square.

The opening was attended by President of the Croatian Parliament, Gordan Jandroković and Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli and numerous citizens of Zagreb and their guests. At 18 o’clock, the Ice Park on King Tomislav Square, the largest outdoor ice rink in this part of Europe, was opened.

Ice Park is the largest outdoor skating rink in this part of Europe, with the surface of ice covering two thousand square meters. Nevertheless, it offers so much more than just ice skating: it’s also a stage for various events, while the city restaurants in the nearby area offer irresistible food and delicious drinks. Experience a view from the pavilion and observe what’s happening on ice, while enjoying champagne, punch or the favourite mulled wine with your friends.

Although the inspiration to develop the Ice Park stemmed from cities such as Vienna and New York, it encompasses a unique and distinct spirit of Zagreb. Located in one of the most beautiful squares of Donji grad (Downtown), enriched by daily programs and surrounded by vivacious walkways, the Ice Park gives a complete experience of Christmas to visitors of all ages. Experience Advent in Zagreb in this magical place.

Advent in Zagreb has so far been the winner of the European Best Christmas Destination twice, and this year for that title they fight for the third and last time, and everyone who wishes to vote can do so by December 11 on the European Best Destinations (EBD) website.

The slogan of this year’s Advent is “Sugar is coming at the end of the year”, which wants to draw attention to the importance of this event for Zagreb tourism, but also the synergy between the public and private sector, which is crucial for success and tourism and such manifestations, especially because of its length , the breadth and the quality of the program.

This is one of the most important tourist and cultural events in Zagreb and Croatian tourism, which rich program wants to create that beautiful festive atmosphere.

The eighth Advent in Zagreb will last from December 2 to January 7, and traditionally begins with the burning of the first Advent Candle on the wreath around Manduševac on Ban Jelačić Square.

300 different events are being prepared.