Aquapark that will change the look of Trebinje

The new Herzegovinian attraction within the complex “the City of the Sun” is one of the most original and most bold contents of this type in this area, opened its doors for all the lovers of the wildest entertainment on the water on July 16.

Aquapark, which is located in the middle of the Herzegovinian karst, is only 5 kilometers away from Trebinje, and it fits perfectly into the untouched nature with its sophisticated design and offers unforgettable entertainment. On the area of 79,000 square meters are placed six pools with recreational contents. There are also splash safaris, water playrooms for children, sprayers, water cannons. Those who are not adventure and intense adrenaline lovers can relax by the pool.

“Our most common guests are from Montenegro and our people from abroad. The number of visitors has already exceeded our expectations considering that we recently opened the Aquapark. Weekend visits are huge, while visits on working days are somewhat weaker. This is just a testing season, the service and the conditions will be changed,” said Ratkovic.

A special attraction for the youngest visitors is Dino Park, with replicas of 15 dinosaurs in their natural size. The mentioned park is open for visitors after 6 PM.

Until now, the investment cost more than 25 million BAM, and the first phase was completed in two years. Only 10 % of the planned content was realized. The final works on “Galija spa center” and the hotel are currently taking place.

“We expect that the official opening of “Galija spa center” and the hotel will take place by the end of November or the beginning of December,” added Ratkovic.