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Brela Croatia

Brela is a small tourist resort situated on the Makarska Riviera. They offer the riches of the crystalline sea, six kilometres of natural pebble beaches, the scent and the beauty of the thick pine tree forest (in large part a natural monument), numerous pedestrian zones which entangle from the walking area along the coast, to the old hamlets, proud of the old Dalmatian architecture, and all the way to the peaks of the mountain Biokovo.

“To Beroyllia” is the oldest written historical and cultural monument of the place, mentioned around year 950. The beginning of an organized tourism started with the opening of the first inn under the name of Soline. Visit the examples of the cultural heritage of this place, such as the church of St. Stjepan (built in 1897), church of Our Lady of Karmel (a valuable monument of the baroque architecture, built in 1715), St. Juraj church (built in 1906), Church of Our Lady of Good Health, church of St. Nikola (since the pre-Turkish time, around 5 centuries old), St. Ilija church (from the 18th century with the features of rural architecture), St. Roko chapel (built in 1856), Our Lady’s Chapel at Dubci (built in 1870), St. Kajo chapel (located on Nevista, mentioned in 1768), as well as numerous other historical sites.

Visit the natural beauties in Brela, such as the natural monument “Kamen Brela”, “vruje” (a place where the cliffs tumble into the sea, to the depths of over 100m), beach “Dugi Rat”, a centuries-old oak in Soline, Nevistina stina ( Bride’s rock), Zmajevaca pit and Medvidina cave.

Beacuse of its natural and cultural heritage, from the very beginning of its past the resort of Brela has an important part in the tourism of Makarska riviera. Today the resort Brela continues its long tradition in offering to toursits the comfortable accommodation and hospitality of their residents, old Dalmatian cuisine, wines, song, and amusement.

Brela municipality consists of two locations:

Brela Gornja (Upper Brela), situated in the hinterland of Biokovo (almost the whole settlement is situated inside the Natural Park Biokovo), and the settlement Brela, consisting of a few small hamlets on the both sides of the main road. The biggest of them are Soline and Donje Selo.

Beaches in Brela

The highlight in Brela is undoubtedly the beaches which are among some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. In total Brela has 6 km of pebble beaches stretching along the coast.

The most well-known beach is Punta Rata. This beach was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But in general all the 6 km of beach are really fantastic. Large pine trees can be found at or just behind the beach, so you can always find shade.

The clean and clear sea and the care of the environment are best confirmed by numerous tourist awards. The Punta Rata beach has been carrying the Blue Flag for more then 15 years. The Blue Flag is the greatest international acknowledgment for a clean sea and environment. Lifting the Blue Flag on the Planet Earth on June 5 is a festive occasion. St. Stjepan is the day the Brela celebrates the day of the municipality.

Punta Rata and Podrače, world-famous and award-winning beaches in Brela were awarded with the White Flag, a sign of clean sea water, and a symbol for “sea with the cleanest environment and the seabed”. After the detailed check of the level of water purity, 2 white flags were officially handed on 08/07/2015. g. to the Mayor of Brela, Stipe Ursić by Mr. Kristijan Curavić, president of the organization GUWAA (Global Underwater Awareness Association), which is a partner of the Foundation Prince Albert II. of Monaco. These awards have once again confirmed that Brela is one of the most beautiful and cleanest sea destinations in Croatia.

In July 2004, the American Forbes magazine listed Punta Rata beach among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, where it is ranked 6th in the world and 1st in Europe, among the most famous ones, such as Copacabana, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol, and the exotic beaches in Belize, Antigua and the Maldives, there is also a small part of the Croatian beauty and for a good reason.

In 2014 The Huffington Post  website described Brela as dream destination and a perfect reason to get on a plane to Croatia as soon as possible.

According to Belgian website European Best Destinations – Punta Rata is one of the most beautiful beaches in 2015. The beach is a winner of numerous prizes in Croatia as well.

On the Western side of the beach there is the Brela Stone – a symbol of Brela, the most common motive from postcards of Brela and Croatia. The rock is covered in pines proudly protruding and presenting all its beauty and force, power and spite to grow from stone.

If you like to do a bit of snorkelling you will love Brela. Along the beaches in Brela you have restaurants, coffee bars, shops selling fruit and souvenirs.

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