Drvenik Croatia

Drvenik Croatia

Drvenik is located in central Dalmatia, on the southern part of Makarska Riviera, more precisely in the Upper Makarska Riviera. In the past it was the centre of the municipality bearing the same name. It is situated 27 kilometers from Makarska, 26 kilometers from the port of Ploče and three kilometres from the island of Hvar, with which it is connected via Sućuraj ferry line. During summer ferries connect Drvenik to the island of Korčula as well. Due to its geo-strategic and traffic position Drvenik is well connected with the said islands which, together with the mountain of Biokovo and good connections with Dubrovnik , Omiš, Split, Mostar , Međugorje offers excellent opportunities for excursions.

First mentioned in the 13th century, it was named after the word tree (“drvo“). Remains of old dwellings in Staro selo from the 13th century still remind of that time. Drvenik is a place rich with historical and archaeological sites among which the most prominent are the prehistoric Gradina fort, the Church of St. George dating back from the 14th century, the monument to the unhappy love Kostanića greb from the 15th century and the path over the Biokovo mountain where  Alberto Fortis copied Hasanaginica.

After the earthquake in 1962 the residents of Drvenik moved out of the village to the foot of the mountain slope along the coast to two idyllic, sunny bays: Donja and Gornja vala, so the village Staro selo remained an idyllic place for rest seekers. The untouched nature, olive groves, an observation point with a view to the two bays of Drvenik and the Hvar and Brač Channels, perhaps the most beautiful view of the region, offers each tourist a priceless experience.

Drvenik, with its promenade spreading over several kilometres along the sea, miles of beaches, scenic views, sport and recreation facilities and marked mountain paths, quickly becomes a favourite place to each tourist and hiker. Drvenik is also proud to be one of the first destinations in the region where you can communicate with the whole world while sitting on the beach, thanks to the free Wi-Fi Internet network.

Visit Drvenik and see for yourself, because to experience Drvenik means to enjoy a quality vacation far away from urban centres, swim in the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, enjoy watching the natural coastal and mountain landscape, taste the rich cuisine and feel the beauty of the seaside, domestic and original surroundings, and also to enjoy a rich program of Cultural and Entertaining Summer (“Kulturno i zabavno ljeto”).

Despite being a quiet, picturesque place, following the modern technological trends in tourism Drvenik is proud of high-quality accommodation and of the quality of apartments, guest houses, villas, hotels (currently there are five 4 * villas, and there is potential for growth) and camps.

There are more than 3000 beds in private accommodations (apartments, bed and breakfasts, rooms), hotels and campsites available to tourists.

Beaches in Drvenik

Drvenik is known for its beautiful beaches like all the places on Makarska Riviera. The main beach is pebbly and it can get crowded during the summer but there are other beaches in the vicinity which can be reached by foot. On Drvenik beaches you will find plenty of shade provided by pine trees. Drvenik is by a 2 km seaside promenade connected to Zaostrog, another small tourist destination.

Since Drvenik is also a port, you can visit the island of Hvar because there are regular ferry lines between Drvenik and Sućuraj on the island of Hvar.

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