EXIT Adventure

EXIT Adventure 2017 begins in July

A great EXIT Adventure begins. This unique package of festival holidays includes two multi-award-winning and consecutive festivals, in two spectacular locations, in two neighboring countries, from the colossal fort to the most beautiful European beach.

The adventure runs from Novi Sad, from the magical Petrovaradin fortress, where the world-renowned EXIT festival is held, where over 500 performers will perform in five days and nights (5-9 July 2017). EXIT is recognized as one of the most important world festivals with a unique atmosphere that emanates from the walls of one of the largest fortresses in Europe.

After a constant party at the camp, located on the biggest sandy beach on the Danube and over 30 festival zones and music outlets arranged in numerous trenches, which are reached via tunnels, bridges and roads across the magical fortress, the EXIT festival closes with the world famous sunrise at Dance Arena, after which the Adventure moves further south to the sea coast of neighboring Montenegro.

The Sea Dance Festival (July 13-15, 2017) is located on the pearl of the Adriatic coast, declared the famous tourist magazine Lonely Planet as the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2015. The turquoise bay is a few kilometers long and is located near the historic town of Budva, today one of the largest tourist centers in the region.

At the 2014 European Festival Awards ceremony, the Sea chapter of Exit Adventure was announced as the winner in the category of the best European festivals of up to 40,000 visitors, and the Sea Dance Festival joined the EXIT Festival, which won the main prize for the 2013 European Best Festival and each year is among the finalists in the main category of the best European festivals.

EXIT Summer of Love camps are located on sandy beaches, and festival holidays in them is an experience that stays for a lifetime! At the same location as the festival itself, visitors to the Sea Star Festival enjoyed the Stella Maris complex, while EXIT Village is located on the Danube bank and the famous sand beach Štrand, which many call the Danube Kopakaban, while Sea Dance Village on the seafront, only 50m from Must, located in the heart of the festival.