EXIT marked the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with spectacular opening of the festival

Exit festival, which is held on the Petrovaradin fortress for the 18th time, last night had the most spectacular opening, with a 10-minute fireworks not seen in Novi Sad for a long time.The opening ceremony of Exit started at 23 pm with a performance with the theme of celebrating 50 years of “Summer of Love”, which is the motto of this year’s Exit Festival.

During this 50 minute spectacle, the audience was addressed by Nick Vujičić and representatives of the activist movement Stending Rok. Vujičić told the audience that in addition to all the obstacles they encounter in life they must believe in themselves.He said that money and sex are not everything in life, but that love is the most important and that everyone must first love and respect themselves, and then others and the world around them. After the messages, visitors could enjoy a 10-minute stage-music show in the glory of love to follow the fireworks that impressed all attendees.

Half an hour after midnight, Liam Gallagher, a former frontman of the bands “Oasis” and “Beady Eye”, who is considered one of the most recognizable characters in modern British music, began the show of stars, numerous fans at the Petrovaradin Fortress hit “Songbird” and “I`m outta time ” , he recalled the days when “Oasis” was one of the most popular bands.

The program at the main stage was opened by the “Colored Program” which was performed by the Scottish alternative rock band “Jesus and Mary Caine”. For many years now, the MTS Dance Arena has attracted an increasing number of visitors because of the extremely high-quality program that has been more spectacular year and year, and last night it was full of fans who were already well-known Exit Energy contributed to perform on that stage, opened by Andrew Meller, be real spectacles.