Carnival of Vrnjci

International Carnival of Vrnjci 2017 starts on Sunday 9th July in Vrnjačka banja Serbia

Even though it is crowded with visitors all year long, the town of Vrnjačka banja gets overwhelmed by a special grandeur during the Carnival of Vrnjci in July. The days of the Carnival of Vrnjci transform Vrnjačka banja (eng. Vrnjačka spa or The Spa of Vrnjci) into a giant stage where numerous carnival troops from around the world dance and perform.

All polished, spotless and with colorful carnival decorations, every July one of the most beautiful spas in Serbia welcomes entertainers, artists and tourists from the country and around the world. The number of people that visit the Carnival of Vrnjci every year exceeds the number of 200.000.

Almost each corner of the streets and squares in Vrnjačka banja reveals something interesting and magical that is happening there.Costume balls, festivals, exhibitions, theater shows and sport events are only an introduction to the central manifestations of the Carnival of Vrnjci – the Great International Carnival Parade and the Kids’ Carnival Parade.

That is when all the heroes of the Carnival show off with their unusual masks and costumes at the parade along the central promenade in Vrnjačka Banja, leaving everyone in the audience without breath. And later, the artists and the fans will party together at the concerts of famous bands and musicians.

The carnival atmosphere has been known to the citizens of Vrnjačka banja for decades. Since the founding of a modern spa here in the town of Vrnjci, about 165 years ago, locals have given a great importance to balls, costume balls, and fairs. They did their best to preserve the spirit of their costume ball that has been organized on and off since 2005.

On that year, all these events were transformed into the “International Carnival of Vrnjci”  and so gained an international significance. The Carnival, consisting of more than 40 different entertaining, cultural and sports events, has been organized on a regular basis ever since.

Beside winning the “Turistički cvet” (Tourist Flower) award of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, Vrnjačka banja has also become the member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC).

Thanks to this recognition, the Carnival in Vrnjci takes a significant place in the calendar of top world carnival events.

This year Carnival of Vrnjci will be held from 9-16 July.