John Newman Sea Dance festival

John Newman opened Sea Dance festival last night in Budva

Last night, along with the hologram projection above the sea on the beach Jaz, followed by spectacular fireworks, the fourth Sea Dance festival was officially opened. Over 18,000 visitors went through the festival gates to enjoy the performances of star stars such as John Newman, Etapp Kyle, Kobosil, IrieFM, Slobodan Trkulja and others. The real festival atmosphere was triggered by the emotional concert of John Newman, which was watched by about 12,000 fans on the main stage, while on other stages there were about 6,000 fans of electronic music last night.

England soul star John Newman had a challenging role at the opening of this year’s Sea Dance Festival, as he was entrusted with all the energy in Jaz’s hands as the first headliner to make it feel. And the feelings are what triggered the furious dance movement of Yorkshire’s last night, just as half a century ago, of his legendary countryman Joe Koker on Woodstock. That EXIT’s Year of Love after Umag, Timisoara and Novi Sad finally arrived in Budva, was known after the chorus song “Feel the Love”, but the real finale came after the first part of the concert.

After Newman had come down from the scene, the audience spontaneously started to sing the refren-famous songs “Love Me Again” and called him at stage. Such a call broke up the young star, so he grabbed the Montenegrin flag and wrapped up with her back on the scene. After several songs he invited people to restore the basic values of the original year of love when a revolutionary hippie movement emerged and to find strength in love for one another. He especially thanked the audience and everyone in the organization, from security to technicians, and then he took the audience to the final song they were calling, and now chorus singing with him, marked the fantastic start of this year’s Sea Dance Festival.

Tonight’s historic party at Jaz with Fatboy Slim

Tonight will perform the world’s leading DJ stars of the festival, Fatboy Slim! He will perform on the beach of Jaz precisely on the 15th anniversary of the historical performance he held in front of more than 250,000 people on the beach in his native Brighton. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy a journey through a musical whirlwind that consists of a fan, haus, techno, electro, hip-hop and rock’n’roll melted into the unique, energetic performance of Fatboy Slim. The popular Italian duo Mind Against will be the original spirit of Ibiza, and will be joined by a resident club, the Spanish DJ Squire. Warm up before the performance of one of the biggest producers and disc jockeys of all time will be made by Aleksandra Duende, Nipplepeople and Jung B.

For all festival fans in Montenegro, there is organized bus transportation from almost all the towns to the beach Jaz, and during the festival there will be transportation from Budva to Jazz. Visitors are warned that they are being kept away from forgeries that at this time of the year always circulate on social networks and on the street.