Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice waterfalls ready for the new tourist season

In preparation for the tourist season workers of the public company “Parkovi” Ljubuski and members of the diving club “Shrek” cleaned the riverbed Trebižat and part of the waterfall Kravica. A large quantity of waste, branches and silt were removed from riverbed, that was deposited during winter.

Kravice waterfalls entered in this year’s tourist season with a number of innovations that will improve the offer of Herzegovina pearls that each year attracts more and more tourists.

So from the beginning of June, the waterfalls are fully illuminated by LED lights and represent one of the biggest attractions in Herzegovina.

It is a project worth 150.000 €, funded by “Parkovi” and the Federal Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection on the basis of the project, which has been nominated by Municipality of Ljubuski.

Next to the waterfall lighting, lighting is set up along the downward hiking trail and access road to Kravice waterfalls. Part of the project is also an administrative facility which will be located at entrance to the nature park.

Construction of a facility that will serve to provide all necessary information to tourists and provide control over the waterfalls during the year has begun, and completion is expected by the end of this season, specifically in September.

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