Štrbački buk Una River

National Park Una proposed Štrbački buk for UNESCO’s World Heritage List

The National Park Una launched the initiative to include the biggest natural values in this protected area, Štrbački buk and the waterfall complex in Martin Brod, on UNESCO’s world heritage list, through the State Commission of BiH for cooperation with UNESCO, said Amarildo Mulić, the Director of the National Park Una.

Management of the National Park Una estimated that they met all the conditions for the further branding of this unique natural beauty in the valley of Una River, and the inclusion of this locality on the list of world destinations.

According to Mulić, the National Park Una successfully completed its primary goals, which are the protection, preservation, supervision, and control of natural and other values in this area, and he also mentioned the steady increase in the number of tourists in recent years.

“We are hoping that the Commission will accept our candidacy and that we will be able to end this process with our friends and partners because we believe that the National Park Una, and especially these two localities, do not only represent the beauty of BiH and Europe, but they are universal value,” noted Mulić.

Štrbački buk is the highest waterfall on Una River. It has impressive beauty, and it was created by tectonic movements and sedimentation of sedimentary stone as a geological phenomenon for thousands of years. The waterfall is 24 meters high and it is located near settlements Kulen Vakuf and Orašac near Bihać.

At the moment, Štrbački buk is the most visited site in National Park Una, where is located the most difficult canyon section of Una River, and this part is known as the most interesting rafting section in the National Park Una.

The waterfall is attracting the attention of nature lovers, fishermen, and artists who are looking for inspiration for their works in the beauty of Una River.