Pliva waterfall in Jajce

Pliva Waterfall in Jajce one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

At 22 meters in height, the Pliva Waterfall is one of the most notable features of Jajce. This natural monument is located in the very centre of the town and has been named one of twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It is also the only waterfall in the world to create an estuary […]

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Kravice Waterfalls Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kravice waterfalls a natural gem of Bosnia and Herzegovina

If Bosnia is one of Europe’s hidden treasures, then Kravice Waterfalls would have to be the most hidden-hidden treasure of all. Natural beauty will delight you. Kravica waterfall, often erroneously called Kravice, is a large tufa cascade on the Trebižat River, in the karstic heartland of Herzegovina in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is 10 kilometres […]

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