Sarajevo film festival

The 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival is open

The 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival was officially opened last night in a gala ceremony at Sarajevo National Theatre, this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival will present to its audience 235 films in 18 different programmes, four of which are competitive. It will feature as many as 43 world premieres, 23 international.

Numerous important personalities from domestic and regional cinematography, politics, sports, art and other public life have been attending the evening ceremony and the red carpet. On the platform in front of the National Theater, hundreds of citizens welcomed all the guests of the 23rd SFF with greetings, ovations and applause.

This year’s festival was opened with the film “The Other Side of Hope” by Finnish director Aki Karusimäki. “The Other Side of Hope”, for which Kaurismäki won the Silver Bear for the best director at this year’s Berlinare, is a thematic follow-up of sorts to the 2011 film “Le Havre”.

Continuing the established tradition of the festival gala opening ceremonies being hosted by young, talented Bosnian and Herzegovinian artists, the honour to host the opening of the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival was bestowed upon actress Amila Terzimehić, whose ascent to the theatre scene could have been followed both by Sarajevo audience and audiences throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to her theatre performances, Ms Terzimehić has created a series of remarkable film roles both in national and international productions.

The stars of this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival are the directors Oliver Stone and the famous British comedian and star of Monty Python John Cleese who will be awarded the honorary honor of Heart of Sarajevo for the contribution of film art.

At this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival for the Heart of Sarajevo, 39 films will compete and 50 films from the region will be screened. The films compete for four awards – Heart of Sarajevo for Best Film, Actress, Actress and Special Jury Prize.