Tučepi Croatia

Tučepi Croatia

If southern Croatia could spread its invisible hands in the direction of the sun, the place where all points of light would gather would be in Tučepi, the little heart of Dalmatia. With its gold beaches, the green pines, the beauty of the vineyards and olive-groves, the stone of Biokovo and the azure sea, Tučepi is a breath-taking location, surpassed by none.

Tučepi (population 1770) is located 4 km south-east of Makarska. Until the earthquake of 1962, the majority of its inhabitants were living in hamlets at the foot of the mountain Biokovo. Now a popular tourist destination thanks to its glorious coastline, its opportunities for sports and its excellent accommodation, the settlement of Tučepi was first settled four thousand years ago by the Illyrians.

It is first mentioned in the “Kreševska charter” in 1434. The document is written in Croatian and Bosnian letter. Do not miss to visit the sites in Tučepi and the surroundings, such as the Church of the Birth of Our Lady (built in 1703), St. Roko church (built in 1730), St. Ante of Padua church (built in 1898), the Foundations of the church of St. Vid, Saric fort, Buselic fort, Lalic fort, as well as numerous baroque summer houses.

With its unique position, Tučepi offers numerous vacation possibilities and has become a favourite tourist destination throughout Croatia and Europe. Located just 80 kilometres from Split Airport and easily accessed by roads, ferries and ports, Tučepi is easily connected to all EU centres.

Tučepi offers its guests rich culinary delights in its hotels, restaurants and wine cellars. Those who are interested in active holidays have access to all the equipment needed for a variety of water sports, as well as access to other sporting facilities.

The proximity of Biokovo is a true luxury for rock-climbers and for all who love walking outside in the open countryside. Thanks to its distinctive features, the combination of the most crystal-clear sea and the highest mountain in the Mediterranean, Tučepi has become a leading destination for travellers looking for tranquillity and relaxing light-heartedness in undisturbed natural surroundings.

The settlement of Tučepi is daily connected by buses to Split, Makarska and Dubrovnik. Excursions to such important historical and cultural centres will enrich your stay.

Beaches in Tučepi

The most impressive thing that Tučepi has to offer is definitely its beautiful beach. The beautiful pebbly beach is 3 km long, one could say that the whole little city is a beautiful long beach. Right above the beach, there isa promenade with a beautiful avenue of pine trees which offer shade in the hot summer days. The promenade goes to the neighbouring town Podgora, so you can take a walk along the sea to Podgora and check out the beautiful beaches there. Besides the beautiful,crystal-clear seaon the beach in Tučepi you can also find sun chairs for rent.

There is alsoa nudist beach between Tučepi and Makarska. The beach is called Nugal, and you can reach it by foot through a pine forest and the beautiful preserved nature. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and is considered a very romantic beach.

Tučepi also holds a marina for fishing and tourist boats and yachts. During summer, Tučepi organizes festivities which offer various food, refreshments and pleasant music during the evening hours. Those in search of fun until the morning hours can visit Makarska which is only 5km away. Makarska is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the Croatian littoral and is famous for its rich tourist offer.

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